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Wooden Pellets are a Cheap, Renewable and Environmentally friendly alternative fuel source.
Manufactured from mainly Pine with a running cost nearly half that of Oil central heating
£225 + Delivery per Tonne [minimum qty = 18T]

Wood pellets are a renewable fuel source that can be cheaper than other fuels, and provide heat and power for homes, schools and other buildings

Why use Wood Pellets?

Wood has been used to produce heat for many years. Its popularity is returning for many reasons:

Potentially reduce your fuel BIlls

Environmentally Friendly

Carbon neutral emmissions

Clean and efficient fuel

Minimal ash and no waste

Easily stored, transported and handled

Where do Wood Pellets come from?

Wood pellets are made from timber waste products produced through industrial processes. Material in the form of saw dust, wood shavings, timber offcuts etc are the ingredients of the finished pellet. In the past a lot of timber waste has been landfilled or burnt contributing to environmental damage.

What are Wood Pellets?

Wood Pellets are produced from compressing coarse saw dust through holes in a metal ring dye. A quantity of dust will reduce to between a half and a quarter of its original volume during the process. Friction generated during manufacture creates heat that in turn releases the natural lignins within the dust to act as a glue. Our press produces 6mm or 8mm diameter pellets that are cooled and screened to remove excess dust prior to packaging.

One tonne of wood pellets can replace 400 litres of oil; saving 1072 kg of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere

 Whats On A Pallet: 1 Tonne of pellets are supplied within 66 bags at 15KG each bag
  Pellets Premium Grade Fuel Specification:
  • Bulk Density 650kg m³
  • Fines <1.0% (off production line)
  • Sulphur <0.05%
  • Length 30mm (Max20% 7.5x dia)
  • Diameter 6mm
  • Additives <1%
  • Moisture <10%
  • Ash 1.0%
  • Mechanical Durability >90.5%
  • Calorific Value Bulk Fuel 4,800kWh/t
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