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Wind Turbines
Create your own electricity from the power of the wind, day & night.
Use directly or store or sell back into the national grid.
Wind Turbines for household use range from 1Kw to 20Kw
A typical 3/4 bedroom house would suit a 3Kw or 5Kw system.
A 2kW DiY package = £ 6,950 [includes a £2k discount from the Low Carbon Buildings program]
A 5kW DiY package = £ 14,950 [includes a £2k discount from the Low Carbon Buildings program]
Prior to installing any Renewable Energy System, its best practise to ensure your home is efficient, ie. correct level of insulation, low wattage, LED bulbs are in use etc.
Shared Wind Turbine
Bigger Wind Turbines 10Kw, 20Kw & 50Kw available


Wind & Solar Street Lights
Fancy Street light powered from solar & windpower

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