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BioFuel Pellet Press
Create your own BioFuel Pellets for wood burners, stoves & pellet boilers.
The fuel pellets can be made from renewable energy materials such as wood, sawdust and agro-waste byproducts.

The original design of the Flat Die pellet press was for processing feedstuff.

The flat die Pellet Press of today can process *wood sawdust, **straw, junk mail, grass and leaves.

*  Mixture of other material my be required for perfect wood pellet.
**Additional binding agents may need to be added to the pelletizing process depending on the material being used.
30 - 50kg/hr of leaves/grass/junk mail 
240V 1Ph 50Hz
2.2 kW
80 - 120kg/hr of wooden sawdust or straw 
400V 3Ph 50Hz
7.5 kW
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